Stolen ATMs dumped in canal

By Allison Bybee
Posted by Rachel Leigh

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Two ATM are discovered in a Riviera Beach canal Tuesday afternoon.

Update, WED 10 AM: They could end up being clues to a robbery: Stolen ATMs dumped in a Riviera Beach Canal. Police discovered the machines Tuesday along Silver Beach Road and Avenue S.

ATMs yanked from convenience stores and ripped from gas stations. Their cash seemingly disappearing in South Florida. That is until now.

Tuesday, Kevin Hedrick of Lake Park Towing was called to tow something different: ATMs, "I've pulled a punch of these out over the years but not recently. It's slowed down, but now it's starting to pick up for some reason."

That reason: our economy. It is forcing people to do daring deeds for cash. Tuesday two ATMs were found dumped in a canal in Riviera Beach. They were all dried up. "Receipt paper, that's about all that's left in it. No change no money, nothing, " says Hedrick.

Someone stole all the cash and dumped the containers. Now, Riviera Beach Police are trying to figure out where these ATMs came from. Rose Anne Brown with Riviera Beach Police says, "We don't know which one this is, but the serial numbers will be checked out to see what case they are related to."

Police believe the machines have been in the canal for a month or two and could be from any robbery. They learned of the dump Monday after an attempted theft at Grater Gator. There someone gave police a tip. Brown says, "People are fed up and we have found they are more and more willing to help in our investigation."

Now, it's up to police to match the ATMs with their store and hopefully with their robbers.

Update, TUE 3:30 PM: Two ATMs have been found in canal in Riviera Beach at 37th and Avenue S.  It's unclear how long they've been in the water.  Crews will run the serial numbers on the ATM's to see where they belong.

Riviera Beach hasn't had any successful ATM thefts in the last two months.

Previously: Two ATMs have been found in the Riviera Beach canal at 37th and Avenue T. We have a crew on the way, and we'll keep you updated as we learn more.