Martin County residents, claim your money!

By Suzanne Boyd
Posted by Rachel Leigh

MARTIN CO, FL (WFLX) - The deadline is looming, but most of us don't even know about it!

Unclaimed money - tens of thousands of dollars - sits in the coffers of one local count. But you only have a few weeks to claim what may be yours.

Here's a statement from the Martin County Clerk of the Circuit Court's Web site:

"Unclaimed checks are checks that are at least one year old and have not been cashed. A brief description of each check type is provided in the applicable section. Claims may be mailed to or filed in person at the Accounting Department during regular business hours.

"Claimants must bring a driver's license or a valid photo identification. The unclaimed check claim form must be completed and notarized for mailed claims. Businesses must submit the claim form on their business letterhead and the taxpayer identification number must be listed on the form.

"Please note: Claims to the Clerk must be filed within certain time limits and these limits are governed by Florida Statutes. Some funds may be claimed after this time limit, but such claims will not be handled by the Clerk. Please see the applicable statute reference listed by each check type for further details. This list is updated quarterly."