Tragic turn for Family Guy?

Show creator Seth MacFarlane
Show creator Seth MacFarlane

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

"Family Guy" has been serving up laughs since 1999. But can it be true the Emmy-winning cartoon will take a tragic turn?

"Eventually," says show creator Seth MacFarlane. "Yes, yes. Absolutely, absolutely. If you watch the hundredth episode, somebody dies."

That offbeat sense of humor is what has kept "Family Guy" around for so long. But MacFarlane insists this is no one man show. "Yeah, the joke writing process is very collaborative. It's very, you know, there's a lot of kind of Improv going on in the room - that in the writer's room - that the writers assistant will type out as fast as they can, and, you know, that's a regular part of the show."

That collaboration extends to the voice actors and the drawing board. "It shocks to me that there is even one primetime animation show on the air. It is impossible to get it done. I don't know how we get it done. It's like your producing a little movie every week."

In spite of Bart and Homer's big screen success, don't look for the Griffin's to follow. "I don't know, I mean... it takes it away from what the series is."

What it is, is a show that defies logic and expectation - from shock and sight and gags to song.