Thieves kill Vero couple's dog, steal $70K

By Allison Bybee email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

VERO BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Thieves crept in a back gate to a home in Vero Beach and slide through the glass door. Then, they smashed two other doors. Home owner, Alexander Castle, says, "I looked, and I said, 'Oh, my God, the window!'"

Castle was shocked to see his doors destroyed. Then, he walked down the hallway, "This is how they started and decided to get in. Then, they realized, it was unlocked."

Someone beat the couple's Boston Terrier, Baby, to death and stole $70,000 in cash.

Winnie Castle says, "I reached down to pet her; then, I realized the bed was upside down." Under the bed was the cash in a briefcase and a safe.

In all, thousands of dollars swiped. The Castle's say they planned to invest it, "It was just one thing after another, and we just never got around to putting it back in the bank."

Now, they will never get to do that or see their dog, Baby, again, "She was a sweetheart".

The Castle's say no one knew of their hiding place, but wonder if someone snooped around their house. Either way, Lt. Leroy Smith with the Indian River County Sheriff's Office says, "My advice would be that money of that amount should be kept in a bank".

The Sheriff's Criminal Investigations Unit says they have a few leads and a couple persons of interest but no arrests.

If you know anything, please call 772-978-6124.