Man-scented candles: Mandles

Posted by Nick Guli.

MONTANA (WFLX) - A Montana man says he got tired of your run-of-the- mill scents when it comes to candles.

Brent Grassman created his own line of what he calls "man-scented candles". Some scents include leather, meat, bacon jalepeno burger and hunting lodge.

Brent runs the Manly Man Candle Company. He started selling the candles at fairs three years ago, then his website started taking off and now his company ships the so called "Mandles" all over the world.

Brent describes how these interesting candles took off, "A lot of trial and error. We've worked on a good beer scent for two years now. We can't quite get it right. So far we have stale beer."

Brent says three new scents are on the way.