Feces coming into Village Club Apartments' tubs

By Jana Eschbach email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

PALM SPRINGS, FL (WFLX) - Sewage is seeping into dozens of homes in Palm Springs making quite a mess.

A small puddle may catch your eyes, but it'll catch your nose first. "It comes up there and goes everywhere - everywhere. All over the parking lot, the sidewalk," described resident Alex Marlin.

The sewage overflow runs from the sidewalk, down into the street where children play, at Village Club Apartments in Palm Springs.

Marin called the complex emergency line for help to stop the sewage leak. "Nothing so far, nothing... No one has done anything at all."

Resident Maurice Lewis has a bigger problem. His bathroom is soaked with raw sewage, and the drains are backed up with other people's sewage.

The scene: feces coming up from the tub, from the toilet, all over the floor. "It happens twice a month."

All day Saturday and Sunday, gallons of the fecal-ridden stuff leaked out.

We called the Village of Palm Springs Utilities Department to get action. Moments later, workers came out. They say they will charge the management for the work noting there may be a crack in the complex's pipe.

"I want them to at least fix it or give us months free on rent, or, you know, something, something to satisfy me," said Lewis.

Utility supervisors tell us that the problem is actually on the apartment complex's end. And that if the management doesn't make the necessary repairs, they could face code violations and even health violations.