Lobster season: Pier pressure

By Alex Zequeira email

Posted by Nick Guli email

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Florida Wildlife Commission officers went undercover and underwater searching for divers breaking the rules.

About 15 minutes prior to mini season actually starting, officers went out looking for these people. They search for the boats anchored offshore and pay close attention to the lights around the boat.

When they spot them, officers dive in to make sure they don't have any lobsters. If they do, they bring them up and ask to check the bags. If the divers are in possession of lobsters, they're cited.

Sometimes people don't know the rules, they're from out of town or out of state.

Lt. Steve Sheridan, Florida Fish and Wildlife, clarifies, "Some of the misconceptions we get from folks are, as long as I don't bring them up top side until after midnight I'm OK. That's not true. You cannot possess lobster before midnight".

Two people were found breaking the rules and brought them up a little early.

As a reminder, this law enforcement is over concerning the time limit, but there are some additional rules.

You can bring up pretty much any lobster, but you can only have 12 lobsters per person. If you bring up too many and get caught, you could lose your boat and your equipment.

For more information about the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, or rules and regulations about lobster season, visit the FWC Web site here.