Proposed property tax cut

WEST PLAM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Governor Charlie Crist throws his support behind a proposed amendment that could lower property taxes as much as 40 percent, but it would raise the sales tax.

Amendment Five would eliminate property taxes paid to local school districts. These property taxes bring schools more than $8 billion.

If passed, the state would make up $4 billion by adding a penny to sales tax. Another 4 billion would have to be cut. Residents have mixed reactions, and many are concerned by how it would affect education.

One resident, says, "It's not fair for the children. They are left out in their future, and if they want their future to be bright, they have to start with the children."

Another resident disagrees, saying, "Any time that property tax is going to be cut it's probably a good thing. I don't mind paying the extra money as far as sales tax goes."

Several St. Lucie and Palm Beach County commissioners, and school board members are concerned if this amendment would really deliver what it promises.

The amendment is up for vote on November 4, 2009.