Wexler one-on-one

By Juan Carlos Fanjul email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - For the first time since becoming the center of controversy over where he really lives, Democratic Congressman Robert Wexler returned to Palm Beach County.

Congressman Wexler attended a candidates forum Monday night in southern Palm Beach County. Just over a week ago, a national news report revealed he didn't have a home of his own in South Florida despite being the 19th congressional district's U.S. Representative since 1997.

He says he is trying to put it all behind him.

Reporter asks, "Do you think this has stained your image at all?"

Wexler replied, "That's for voters to decide. No, I don't think so."

Wexler was at Temple Shaarei Shalom west of Boynton Beach, addressing a crowd of 200 voters on issues, like the economic downturn and the need for alternative fuels, brushing off the residency issue.

Fox News confronted Wexler at his home in Maryland where has lived full-time with his wife and children. He had used his in-laws home in a seniors community west of Delray Beach as his Florida residency. Even though there is nothing illegal about that, Republican attackers branded him a bogus Floridian.

Wexler said where he lives full-time doesn't make a difference since he had lived in the area almost his entire life; however, he just announced he is renting an apartment in Palm Beach County.

Reporter asked, "Why did you decide to get a place here?"

Wexler replied, "My wife and I decided we did not want this issue to be a distraction to the important issues affecting our community and our country and that will be completed this week."

Wexler says he intends to lease an apartment either west of Boynton Beach or west of Delray Beach.