Is this the legendary chupacabra?

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

"El Chupacabra - Means 'the goat sucker' in Spanish. Named because of the way it sucked all the blood from Puerto Rican goats, the chupacabra has been leaving fear in its tracks for many years now." (Source:

CUERO, TX (WFLX) - A sheriff's department in Texas believes it may have caught the legendary chupacabra on camera.

Deputies on patrol recorded what they believe is the mythical creature running down a road.

It looks sort of like a coyote, but it's hairless with a long snout.

The deputies and even the sheriff are baffled. "I've been covering these back roads for a long time, and I've never run across anything like this, until that day," says Cpl. Brandon Riedel.

Deputies believe the video may start a new rash of chupacabra sightings in the county. He says, he's willing to work with credible researchers who want to look at the video and help solve this mystery.