Jensen Beach girl survives fox attack

By Allison Bybee email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

JENSEN BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A fox attacks a 5-year-old girl and two neighbors who came to her rescue.

Doctors say this little girl is lucky she wasn't seriously hurt. But now the big question: was the animal infected with rabies?

"He got me," said Amanda Stover.

Reporter asked, "How did he get you?"

"I was drinking, and he ran over, and he bit me," Amanda replied.

Monday night, this brave 5 year old came face to face with a fox. "The fox was really angry."

"And just jumped right on her," recalled a neighbor.

Amanda was playing at her neighbor's house when the fox attacked. The fox latched on to the little girl's foot, toe and thigh leaving deep gash marks. Neighbors came to the rescue, but two were also bitten in the process.

Finally, neighbors wrestled the fox to the ground and waited for animal control. "It could have been worse. The way the fox was all over her. The doctor said she was very lucky; it could have attacked her face or neck," said Amanda's mom, Angela.

The fox was put down and now being tested for rabies. "It's a waiting game now. We have to sit and wait," Angela continued.

As they wait, Amanda's wounds are healing. They must be washed three times a day and her foot kept propped up. She can barley walk; instead, she just hops from place to place.

But, she says, she's not scared if she has to get rabies shots; however, her mom's another story. "Yes, that makes me very nervous."

"Not me," Amanda chimed in.

The family says they should find out Thursday if the fox tested positive for rabies. If it does, little Amanda could have to go through a series of rabies shots.

Neighbors are also staying alert when they go outside. They fear there could be another fox ready to attack.