Check stubs found scattered in Green Acres

By Kara Kostanich email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Hundreds of check stubs containing personal information scattered across a field behind a Green Acres gas station. The names and Social Security Numbers of more than 200 workers have been compromised.

An employee with "Labor for Hire Pompano" located in Lake Worth tossed the check stubs into the company dumpster, instead of following policy of shredding them. The CEO of the company, Vern Vokus, says a disgruntled man looking for work took the stubs from the dumpster.

In addition to Wednesday's findings, check carbons were found on July 23 scattered across the companies parking lot in Lake Worth.

We asked the company CEO if he had called police. "No we did not, because I wanted to wait and see if they would try to extort us again," said Vokus.

We checked in with the State Attorney General's Office. According to Florida State Statute, "any person who conducts business in this state and maintains computerized data in a system that includes personal information shall provide notice of any breach of the security of the system."

Vulkus says he did not notify employees of the breach on July 23.  But said he would now contact Police.

The State Attoney General's Office is looking into this incident.