Suspicious white powder arrives at Crist's office

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WFLX) - Two frightening threats sent to two top Republican leaders. Two letters arrived at John McCain's campaign offices.

Recently, another was sent to Governor Crist's office. He was in Central Florida surveying Fay's Damage. When that letter arrived, the letter contained a suspicious white powder. After several tests, officials found the substance harmless.

No word on who sent it.

The same thing happened at John McCain's offices. Threatening letters, containing an unidentified white powder, arrived at his campaign offices in Colorado and New Hampshire.

At least 19 people went to the hospital for examination. They had to be quarantined outside the offices. Officials believe an inmate sent the Colorado letter as a hoax. They found nothing wrong with the substance.

They are still trying to determine where the New Hampshire letter came from.