Democratic Convention Begins Today

All eyes are on Denver, Colorado this morning. The stage is set at the Democratic national convention.

The convention officially begins today.  The Democrat's Denver stage may be set but the man at the center likely won't be here until later in the week. Instead of campaigning in Denver, Barack Obama is stopping in battleground states before delivering his acceptance speech thursday night.

It's a convention week push for unity. Yesterday Wisconsin, today, Iowa and Missouri.

Tonight, Michelle Obama's prime time address will focus on reintroducing her husband and telling about how his background is as American as any other, a story whose next chapter they hope begins with winning the White House.

In another development, the Sunshine State's delegates will count, all of them, in full. Democratic delegates from Florida and Michigan will get full voting rights. This, after the national party at first punished Florida for running its primary early. Originally they refused to seat any of the delegates, then in may, half.

Hillary clinton won both Florida and Michigan in the primaries but Obama didn't even campaign here and his name wasn't on the Michigan ballot. Despite the votes counting, Barack Obama will still be named the Democratic candidate at this week's convention.