Real time travel reports for holiday weekend

MIAMI, FL (FDOT) - As gas prices continue to decline and Florida residents and visitors get ready for the last holiday of the summer this Labor Day weekend, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) encourages travelers to get the latest traffic conditions by calling its free 511 Traffic Information Service.

511 provides travelers with roadway information including travel times on major interstates, construction, lane closure and accidents. Before leaving for the holiday weekend, travelers can visit or call 511 for free to access up-to-the-minute roadway information.

"While travel numbers may decrease slightly, we still expect to see substantial traffic on the Interstate system and major arterial highways. That's why we encourage drivers to take the time now to ensure that their vehicle is in excellent running condition; plan ahead; bring directions, and allow plenty of time," said Gregg Laskoski, Managing Director, Public & Government Relations for AAA Auto Club South.

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) also reminds drivers that using the free 511 service to prepare for delays before getting on the road could reduce incidents. "Calling 511 prepares travelers for traffic conditions so they know what to expect on the roadway," said FHP's Sgt. Kim Miller.

The 511 calls are free and accessible from land lines or cell phones, however cell phone minutes apply.

511 Tips

  1. Speak as clearly as possible and minimize any background noise, including radios and open windows.
  2. Say "other parts of the state" to transfer to Florida's regional 511 services.
  3. Say "help" for instructions.
  4. Say "next," "previous," "stop" or "repeat" to navigate through the phone menus more quickly.
  5. Say "main menu" at any time to start over.
  6. Say "feedback" to report congestion or incidents not already mentioned on 511.
  7. Interrupt 511 at any time if you already know your selection.

Safety Tips

  1. Call 511 before you hit the road or at a rest area, or have a passenger call to avoid talking while driving.
  2. Call 511 before you enter a new roadway to become aware of current road conditions.
  3. Drive slowly and keep your lights on low beam in low visibility.
  4. Always wear a seat belt.
  5. Don't drink and drive!