BlackBox Car Security System

By Alex Zequeira email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

STUART, FL (WFLX ) In Florida a car is stolen every seven minutes. Now, a local company has a security system designed to make it nearly impossible for crooks to drive off in your car.

It's a state of the art technology placed inside the car that promises not only to keep you and your family safe when riding in a car, but also when you're near a car.

The way it works is it uses four to eight cameras. Some are pointed inside; others are pointed outside. But all of the video is dumped into a hard drive installed in the car that is not only stored in the vehicle, but at other remote locations.

The good thing about having remote access is the video can be stored for evidentiary purposes in addition to having the video stored in remote locations anywhere around the world.

If a car is stolen, a state of the art GPS tracking system can help track it down no matter where it goes. Not only does it help track thieves down, but, in the case of abductions, it can help locate someone who has been abducted before something horrible happens to that person.

It's really the wave of the future when it comes to automobile security.

Now, the prices range from $600 to a couple of thousand dollars, but the designers of VISBlackBox say it's a price well worth saving countless lives. (Learn More)