Which lipsticks really stick?

By Suzanne Boyd email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

If you've seen ads for lipstick that claim to last for hours on end, you may have wondered, "does the color really look great for that long?"

Here's the scoop on which lipsticks really do stick around.

Beyonce's lipstick lasts and lasts in this L'Oréal commercial. "When I put on my Infallible Lipcolour, I can do anything."

Consumer Reports' ShopSmart wanted to see if long-lasting lip colors really do have staying power.

Over a two-week period, it had staffers try four long-lasting lip colors. Panelists tried out the $24 Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Lip Duo which says it will "last up to 8 hours".

And there were three less expensive ones: L'Oréal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour, Cover Girl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor and Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor which all claim to last up to 16 hours.

"First, you apply the color, and, then, you apply the gloss. And you can continue to reapply the gloss throughout the day," said one consumer.

Another added, "You had to be very careful because it was hard to blot away if it went over or under your lip."

"I had to reapply the gloss often because my lips felt really dry," one more said.

To train staffers on how to grade coverage, testers used photos with "5" being best and "1" the worst. In ShopSmart's tests, none of the lip colors consistently delivered on the 16-hour claim, but they did have staying power.

"All of the lipsticks had great color intensity for at least four hours," one consumer said.

And if you're interested in trying one of these, you can save some money. Skip the $24 Estée Lauder lip color and opt for any of the others that go for around $9.

Something to keeping mind, colors on display rarely look like what's in the actual lipstick tube.

Nearly 20 percent of buyers polled by ShopSmart actually returned lipsticks, so it's probably worth checking the store's return policy on cosmetics before you buy.