St. Lucie County Preps For Hanna

By Allison Bybee email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

The effects of Fay still being felt on the Treasure Coast as the clean-up from flooding continues. Now, the fear is Tropical Storm or Hurricane Hanna, but, St. Lucie County says, they are ready for the storm.

The county says they are ready in case high winds and rain slam the coast again. Fay wiped away 10 to 15 feet of coastline from Fort Pierce to the St. Lucie Inlet. The county is watching to see if Hanna will take even more away.

The beaches were abandoned Tuesday as swimmers stayed out of the water because of red flag warnings and rip currents. The beaches are considerably smaller in St. Lucie County. That's just one worry the county has: Will Hanna hit their beaches again? They say they are ready and gearing up to get grants to fix the mess.

The county is also checking storm drains and cleaning them out to make sure what happened during Fay doesn't happen again. Indian River and Martin Counties are doing similar things. They are making sure gas tanks are full and staff know what to do if weather strikes. While it seems we will mainly get the wind they want to be ready for anything, and County Officials have a few tips for you. Erick Gill with St. Lucie County says, "Right now, we are looking at 40-50 mile an hour winds. So, take down hanging plants, bird feeders, take care of loose items in the yard. Any trees or debris in the yard make sure that is picked up."

St. Lucie County is continuously monitoring the radar. They will make decisions on shelters or school if and when the time comes.