Gangs recruiting inside Fort Pierce schools

By Jana Eschbach email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX)- Two teens are under arrest Tuesday night for kidnapping and beating a 9th grader inside his own school when he refused to join their gang.

A 9th grader at Westwood High School in Northern Fort Pierce was approached in his 6th period class to join their street gang. When he refused, the two teens jumped him in the bathroom.

The two suspects, ages 15 and 16, are charged with multiple felonies including recruitment for a gang, and will most likely be removed from the high school.

"They actually physically, one of them physically, pulled him into the bathroom where another group of students followed him in there, and the two individuals battered the teen." Lt. Kevin Dietrich, a School Resource Officer Supervisor for the St. Lucie Co. Sheriff's Office said, "The principal's put the two gang members up for expulsion where we don't want to see them back in the school setting."

"Out of here!" said Mickey Briggs, a concerned parent at Westwood, "I really think that is the right choice because people is going to school to get their education, and everybody needs an education, and without your education, you can't get anywhere, so they don't even need to be in there."

We are not identifying the teens charged as they are still being investigated as juveniles.

The victim had a bloody face, but refused medical treatment.

The school district already works with law enforcement to educate parents and staff, but they admit, pop culture say,s it is cool to be a gangster, and that is the draw for so many kids.