Palm Beach ballot blunder: Poll worker speaks out

By John Bachman email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Right now, some are asking: 'Is there anything that could have been done to prevent Palm Beach County's ballot blunder?'

Thousands of ballots are still missing in a local race. And one long-time poll worker says she saw the problem coming eight months ago. She tried to take her concerns to the election's supervisor, but, she says, it fell on deaf ears.

"I called it, and I said all eyes will be on Palm Beach County, again", said Sandy Blank.

She's a former attorney and current executive director of the Florida Breast Cancer Resource Network, an education and advocacy group. And she's also a Palm Beach County poll worker who says the county's ballot blunders (3,500 ballots are still missing) came as no surprise. "I kept seeing that these things were going to escalate if we didn't get this under control, so I wrote the letter."

Ms. Blank says she saw too many problems to remain silent. Just listen to some of her concerns expressed in the letter:

"I had an incident where we had a brand new poll worker, and I quickly realized with in the first 10 minutes that she was not able to read English.

With problems like that, Blank says, she knew the primaries, with high voter turnout, would be a disaster and decided to make the once "personal and confidential" letter public.

And she's still wants to hear from the supervisor of elections.