Dog dials 911, Saves AZ man's life

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

PHOENIX, AZ (WFLX) - Emergency dispatchers heard it all. When one operator picked up, she heard a dog barking and whimpering on the other end. As it turns out that dog helped save his owner's life.

Joe Stalnaker says, "Buddy is awesome. I've been trying to find words that can describe him, and they're really arent any."

For Joe Stalnaker, his dog, Buddy, is more than a best friend - he's a guardian angel. "He is just an amazing animal. I don't know of any other dog that can do the things he can do."

Buddy saved Joe's life by grabbing the phone and calling 911 when Joe was a having a seizure. And, get this, he also barked and whimpered for the operator.

"I knew that if he picked up the phone, that he could call. But, for him to respond to the operator, he did with the barking, it's a whole different level."

Joe suffers from deliberating seizures after getting hurt in the Army 10 years ago.

Last year, Joe brought Buddy home and started training him as a service dog. "He started using his paws as hands, and, I thought, if he can do that, surly he can grab a phone."

Joe trained Buddy to pick up the phone and grab it with his teeth when he falls on the ground. Buddy's teeth hit the speed dial, and it calls 911.

Joe says he couldn't ask for a more loyal caretaker. "We always think that we're the keeper of our animals, and I think for him, he understands that he's the keeper of me."

Joe got Buddy last year when the puppy was only 4 weeks old. Within the past year, Joe has had three dangerous seizures. And Buddy has called 911 each time saving his master's life!