NC firefighters rescue cat caught in commode

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

From our sister station, WBTV 3 News, in Charlotte, NC.

BELMONT, NC (WBTV) - 911 dispatchers in Belmont take a bizarre call: The caller said her cat was stuck in the commode.

Here's the the tale of Charlie the Cat who used one of its nine lives on a flush.

If Charlie the cat seems like he's a bit stand offish, there's a good reason. "He was not happy."

Christie Klassette rescued old Charlie a couple of months ago, and there's never been a problem until Sunday. "It really upset me because I didn't know what to do."

Christie was in the kitchen when she heard Charlie squealing from the bathroom. "He was in the toilet."

His back legs stuck in the drain. "He was splashing water everywhere."

Christie tried everything to get him loose. "I thought he was just sitting there, but when I went to pick him up, he wouldn't move."

She picked up the phone and called 911. "My cat's stuck in the toilet."

The fire department got there in five minutes, but didn't have much luck themselves. So, out came the hammers. "They had to either bust the toilet or break his legs."

In about 15 minutes Charlie was free.

Christie isn't sure whether her 3-year-old boy, William, tried to flush Charlie or if the feline felt the need to get a sip of water - it's irrelevant. Nevertheless, Charlie's safe. And you can better believe, next time, they'll leave the cover down.