Digital VHS & HDTV Owners

AP -- An estimated three (m) million people own high definition T-V sets. These T-V's offer the best picture quality available.
If these folks want to record something in high definition -- they'll need a D-V-H-S player-recorder.
The reality is -- D-V-H-S is the only solution.
Industry watchers believe a recordable disc -- High Definition D-V-D -- is anywhere from three to five years down the road.
J-V-C is one manufacturer of a D-V-H-S player-recorder.
Spokesman Rob Payesko (pay-es-koh) says the picture quality on D-V-H-S is four times better than D-V-D.
Hollywood has released about ten D-V-H-S titles, and Payesko says more titles are on the way.
The D-V-H-S player-recorder will also play standard V-H-S and Super V-H-S tapes.
It retails for 13-hundred bucks.

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