Acreage couple, dog escape early-morning fire

By Lindsay Cohen email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

ACREAGE, FL (WFLX) - An Acreage couple used an ironing board to break a window and escape an early-morning fire at their home, authorities said.

The blaze broke out around 3:30 am at 4210 Royal Palm Beach Boulevard. The fire started in the attic and spread quickly to the roof, with flames leaping more than 20 feet into the air, according to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

The smoke was thick enough to wake the two people who were home and asleep at the time.

"We woke up. I'm coughing and choking... I couldn't breathe," said resident Eric Ott. "I couldn't see anything. It was just... the smoke was, like, unreal."

Ott said he felt around for something to break a window and pull his girlfriend, Jamie, and their dog to safety.

"We had an ironing board," Ott said. "I just kept bashing at [the window] and bashing at it till finally I busted out the whole window. And Jamie -- she was on the ground by then. The smoke was just unreal."

Firefighters are still looking into the cause of the blaze, but say the family lost nearly all their posessions.

The American Red Cross and the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Community Assistance Team are helping the family.