WPB father lets legally blind child drive

By Alex Zequeira email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Fox was first to show you the damage done when a 10 year old was learning how to drive. We're now finding out the child is also legally blind.

We talk with the 10 year old and his mother; meanwhile, the man injured in that crash is also talking about how he helped save a toddler who was nearly hit.

When Anthony Morgan saw this little boy, just a 1 year old sitting in the path of the out of control SUV.

Now, Anthony Morgan, is just fresh out of the hospital. He's wearing a neck brace after getting injured when he jumped in the path of that SUV.

An SUV being driven by 27-year-old Derrick Johnson, who, police say, had his ex-girlfriends 10 year old on his lap and was teaching him how to drive.

Police say the SUV circled the apartment complex twice, smashing into four cars at the Lake Shores Apartment complex in West Palm Beach, and injuring Morgan when he jumped in front of the car to save 1-year-old boy. "I don't call it being a hero, man. I call it just being a human being and doing what I'm supposed to do."

As for that 10-year-old Derrell Outler, police tell us he has an eye condition that does affect his vision, but it's not clear whether that caused all the wreckage.

As for Derrick Johnson, he is charged with child neglect, leaving a crash scene, and driving with a suspended license. He is expected to be released on his own recognizance.

Surprisingly, Outler's mother says she holds no hard feelings for the man who endangered her little boy's life.