Recordable HD-DVD Still Years Away

AP -- High Definition T-V owners can record programming on a high definition format called D-V-H-S. Yes, it is a tape format, but the picture quality is described as being better than a standard D-V-D.
A recordable High Definition D-V-D format is at least three years down the road.
J-V-C's Rob Payesko (pay-ES'-koh) says technical problems have yet to be worked out. Specifically, it has to do with developing a laser that would read the data on the H-D-D-V-D disc.
Once this issue is resolved -- another hurdle involves cutting a deal with the Hollywood studios on an anti-piracy encryption system.
Payesko says this issue usually consumes a lot of time -- as it did with the introduction of D-V-H-S earlier this year.
As with any new product, a recordable H-D-D-V-D will cost in the thousands of dollars when it is introduced.
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