Want a street named after you?

By Lindsay Cohen email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The next time you drive down a street in Riviera Beach, think: your name here.

That is if you've made a positive impact on the community.

Mayor Thomas Masters wants to rename some streets and roadways in Riviera Beach after local and national role models. The idea is to honor those who have left a lasting footprint on the city and its residents.

"We have people living and who've passed as well that we ought to remember for the good work they're doing in this community," Masters said. "So, why not name streets after legends?"

Riviera Beach is known for its lettered avenues and numbered streets, and the mayor was hoping to start the project by renaming 25th Court for longtime community activist and former city council member Herman McCray. McCray also founded the well-known McCray's Barbecue.

Masters says the measure isn't only about instituting new 'sign language' but also about reminding residents -- especially children and teenagers -- about making a positive impact in your own neighborhood. That, the mayor says, can translate to lower crime levels and greater community involvement.

"If you name streets about role models of the past and the present you can certainly tie that into fighting crime," Masters added. "You can say, 'This street is about Benjamin Banneker or Mary McCleod Bethune,'" the mayor said, referencing two well-known, historical African-American leaders.

But the measure was stymied by the city council, who voted against renaming 25th Court. Masters chalks it up to council members needing more information and more research.

"I've never been one to back down from a fight," the mayor added, vowing that he'd continue to push for the change; not on 25th Court, but on other streets in the city.