Grooves in LA road plays William Tell Overture

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

LOS ANGLES, CA (WFLX) - Just when you thought you heard everything, you can actually drive over a stretch of road and hear the "William Tell Overture"!

But the idea is not going over well with neighbors.

Grooves in the roadway cause the song to play when cars drive down the pavement.

Los Angeles residents nearby are upset over the ad campaign from Honda. "It's like in your head too, like a bad song. You know, at night, you're like dunta, dunta, dunta. It's horrible."

There's welcome news for dogs and annoyed neighbors; the city plans to pave over the road Tuesday.

Traffic has been really bad, too, because people have been seen going back-and-forth-and-back-and-forth just to hear the song played while they drive.