Lantana rocked by beach erosion

By Lindsay Cohen email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

LANTANA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - All eyes are on Lantana Beach Friday where heavy beach erosion is apparent in the crumbling concrete, falling sidewalks and crooked beach pavilion.

Segments of sidewalk were swept into the ocean overnight; others fell 10 to 15 feet onto the sand below in the morning hours, after high tide ate away at the support structure. Parts of the deck near the well-known Dune Deck Cafe have also washed away.

The public park at Lantana Beach will likely remain closed throughout the day, due to safety concerns. Town officials are urging the public to stay away, said director of operations Mike Greenstein.

A wooden pavilion that once extended out into the ocean has been crippled and remains crooked and off-limits. The structure was completed just three months ago, Greenstein said.

Officials have not put a price tag on the damage yet, but are using plywood to block some areas off and stablize others.