Dine on Palm Beach for unbelievable price

By Rachel Leigh email

PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Fine dining in a beautiful atmosphere: It's all part of the Palm Beach Restaurant Week where you can get three course meals for only $20.08. October 20 - 26, select an appetizer, entree and dessert from the finest restaurants on the Island.

Cafe Boulud is one of the 11 Palm Beach restaurants participating, and Chef Zach Bell has just found his newest assistant... me!

Rachel: "Zach, what are we making here today?"

Chef Zach Bell, Cafe Boulud, "Today, we're making Australian barramundi with roasted fall vegetable ragout and apple cider glaze."

"Our goal for Restaurant Week is to really introduce people to Cafe Boulud and experience some items that they wouldn't normally be able to have at $20.08 for three courses."

We then add roasted vegetables to complete the barramundi and a parsnip puree.

When it comes to flavor, Chef Bell says the trick is balance. "The parsnip puree is a little bit sweet, and the bacon, and the chestnuts are all very earthy. They have a nice little balance. The Brussels sprouts also have a touch of bitterness which is offset by the sweetness. Everything together is very satisfying."

"We have some apple cider that we bought from the store, and we put it in a pan and let it reduce by about half. We're just going to pour it into the pan."

He tops the dish off with a few slices of apples to add a touch more freshness, and voila! Our dish is complete.

Now, this is only one of the courses. You still need an appetizer and dessert.

The chef recommends, "I would probably start with a crab salad with apple gelee. Oh, but that's apples twice. Maybe the pate first. Then, this [entree], and, then, probably the chocolate souffle for dessert.

We take our meal outside to enjoy out on the patio, and who knew my cooking could taste so delicious?

But don't worry, I'm giving my apron the week off October 20-26 for Palm Beach Restaurant Week.