The Coffee Diet

By Ric Blackwell email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

(WFLX) - Do you take your fountain of youth with cream or sugar? A new coffee claims to help you cut calories, reduce the wrinkles and put a little bounce in your step.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rudy Triana talks to patients not only about lifts, but also about a jolt. "Well, Kristen, we develop three coffees in the office."

This Manalapan physician is nicknamed, Dr. Java because he's been brewing an idea to develop a healthy cup of coffee. "The project we've been working on for years."

The end result of his hard work: Three new types of coffee which he sells at his Manalapan office/coffee bar. One coffee is an appetite suppressant, one a wrinkle remover, and there's also a blend filled with anti-oxidants.

Dr. Triana says he does his best work with a scapel and a scoop. "A lot of things we do with surgery or lasers are temporary. They do not heal you from the inside out.

"The process starts at Palm Beach Coffee Roasters. We have bags of beans in Boynton Beach. This bag is from El Salvador."

Dr. Java selected the beans for their flavor.

During roasting, some of the beans are blended with Hoodia plants from South Africa to make the appetite suppressant coffee.

Collagen and haloronic acid are added to the wrinkle removing coffee and vitamins A, D and Rosehips turn this blend into a disease fighting coffee.

Kristen Nelson from Boca Raton drinks three cups of Dr. Java every morning to help her maintain her weight. She says it tastes great and it works. "I always get hungry throughout the day and crash. Then, I eat a lot to make it through. The coffee helps me have an even energy level."

Dr. Java says his coffee is not a magic-cure-all, but people who enjoy his blends say they do mean a hill of beans.

Dr. Java coffee ha been around for about a year. It's available at Dr. Triana's office in Manalapan (PH: 800-725-2720) and on his Web site,