911 call released in Kalish murder

By Al Pefley email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Carol Anne Burger was apparently putting on quite an acting job when she called police last week to tell them her ex-lover Jessica Kalish was missing.

Police have just released that call. Here are some excerpts of the call.

Dispatch: "Boynton Police and Fire."

Carol Anne Burger: "Yes. Hi. I, I don't know if this is an emergency. But it could be because my girlfriend didn't come home last night. My roommate. And, um, I, you know, that's very unusual. She went to the gym and about 8:30, 9 or something, and she didn't come home. I woke up this morning, and she wasn't here."

Dispatch: "Okay, what's your name?"

Burger: "My name is Carol Burger. Carol Anne Burger."

Police say when Burger made that call, she knew Kalish was already dead.

Detectives believe Burger flew into a rage and stabbed Kalish 222 times with a Philips screwdriver. And, then, made up the story that she was missing. They found blood all over the house.

Dispatch: "What is her name?"

Burger: "Jessica Kalish. K-A-L..."

Dispatch: "Hold on. Jessica? Spell it."

Burger: "K-A-L-I-S-H."

Dispatch: "Does she drive a car?"

Burger: "Yes. A BMW."

Dispatch: "What color?"

Burger: "It's gray."

Burger told the dispatcher.  "Wwhen I call her cell phone..."

Dispatch: "What is your address ma'am?"

Burger: "My address is 3300 Churchill Drive. Now, you know, I don't know what, what's, that's not, that's... "

Dispatch: "Hold on, ma'am. I have to ask you some questions. How old is your friend?"

Burger: "54 - 5. I'm very bad with ages."

Dispatch: "Is she white or black?"

Burger: "She's white."

Burger told the dispatcher she had just gotten a call from someone who found Kalish's wallet and car keys. At one point she even laughs a little.

Dispatch: "Okay, I'll send someone over to meet with you. Any medical history?"

Burger: "Oh, I can't oh, I'm supposed to be at the unemployment office. I guess I'll call them (laughs). Um, uh, no not that I know of. No."

Dispatch: "All right. We'll send someone over. Thank you."

Detectives say Burger placed that call to police Thursday October 23. About 24 hours later she committed suicide. Whatever her motive was for the bizarre murder - we may never know - Burger took it with her to the grave when she killed herself.