Halloween 2008: It's about going green

Jerry Gar-Chia (John Burgess)
Jerry Gar-Chia (John Burgess)
Recycle Man
Recycle Man
Rachel Leigh with Mr. Clean (David Trumpler)
Rachel Leigh with Mr. Clean (David Trumpler)

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX ) - John Burgess, Jerry Gar-Chia, exclaimed, "Halloween 2008: It's all about going green."

Take it from Jerry Gar-Chia who managed to humanize the Chia Pet.

This Halloween, Hotel Biba in West Palm Beach didn't see the usual costumes. Instead of the typical dark costumes, you had people dressing up as light bulbs!

For some, finding a costume for Hallow-Green didn't cost a dime.

Shari Jesteadt, Muchacha, said, "We went with a recycle costume theme which meant we raided our closets about an hour before getting here. And just happened to have all of our Mexican clothes."

Jan Loeffler, Muchacho, added, "So, we're green because we didn't have to go buy anything for our costume."

For others, they simply embraced their natural characteristics.

Rachel asked, "Why did you decide to go as Mr. Clean?"

David Trumpler, Mr. Clean, responded, "Well, I've belong to the USGBC here which is the United States Green Building Council, and Mr. Clean is going green. Plus, I've been bald for a long time."

Now, let me introduce the latest in superheros: The brave and mighty Eco Warrior!

Robert Cannellos, Eco-Warrior, said, "I've been an Eco Warrior for about eight years. Join the forces of good, and I'm trying to change the world."

Rachel asked, "How do you become an Eco Warrior?"

Cannellos replied, "Well, you have to go through a ritual that's a rigorous ritual.

Nichole Wasser had another creative outfit: "I'm the green cleaning fairy Godmother."

These folks came out to for Hallow-Green because they all have a passion for the environment and helping our world become more green taking a strain off me, Mother Nature.

Loeffler, Muchacho, said, "I'm leading a team of students from Florida Atlantic University to take part in the hydrogen design contest, and we're designing a hydrogen powered student center for the state university of New York."

Wasser, Green Clean Fairy Godmother, informed the company she works for, Conscious Cleaners is a green cleaning company. "We only use nontoxic, biodegradable cleaning products."

Join the green movement by going to usgbc.org.