Current and next first couples meeting in White House

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

WASHINGTON (WFLX) - President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush are expecting house guests: the next first couple.

For more than a year now, the White House and agencies throughout the federal government have been preparing for a smooth transition.

"While we must recognize that we only have one president at a time and that President Bush is the leader of our government, I want to ensure that we hit the ground running on January 20 because we don't have a moment to lose."

It's an effort at a seamless transition. The meeting is scheduled to last about an hour with Bush and Obama set to talk about a range of issues in the Oval Office. While Mrs. Bush and Michelle Obama will take a tour of the executive mansion.

Usually the meeting between outgoing and incoming leaders doesn't happen until a bit later in the process, but like the head of president-elect Obama's transition team says, there's a lot to be done.

"We're facing a transition like probably no other in modern history. We've got two wars going on, and we've got an economic crisis the depth of which we haven't seen since the Great Depression, so, moving forward - putting a team in place, White House staff in place, getting cabinet members identified, sent to the Hill and confirmed - will be a critical job during the course of this transition."

On the top of Obama's agenda Monday afternoon: the economy and help for the auto industry.