Stalker found dead outside Paula Abdul's house

Hollywood, CA (TMZ) - A woman found dead in front of Paula Abdul's house Tuesday night was a featured contestant on "American Idol".

Update, THU 9 AM: A self-proclaimed "Paula Abdul stalker" who was featured on season 7 of "American Idol" is furious with TMZ after a story we posted scared his friends and family into believing he was the one cops found in front of Abdul's house.

Paul Marturano, who sang that skin-crawling stalker anthem on last season's "Idol," wrote us a scathing email yesterday saying: "THANKS ALOT ... I have been getting endless emails and calls from friends and family members [sic] who saw your headline about the Paula Abdul Fan Death ... My mother cried thinking I was dead."

Creepy McCreeperton even signed the e-mail "Paula Abdul's Stalker from American Idol Season 7".

Update, WED 3 PM: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Paula Goodspeed, who died of a possible drug overdose/suicide Tuesday night, overdosed in the exact same area around one year ago.

We're told cops were called to Paula Abdul's house -- either late last year or early this year -- and found Goodspeed inside her car, unconscious from a drug overdose.

Sources say Goodspeed suffered from "extreme mental illness" that spun out of control in the last two years.

Goodspeed, who was obsessed with Abdul, frightened the "A.I." judge -- LAPD's Threat Management division took the case and there was an active investigation. We're told lots of people tried to get Goodspeed help, but it was all to no avail.

Update, WED 12:45 PM: It's painfully obvious from her MySpace page, the woman who was found dead in front of Paula Abdul's house had an obsession with "American Idol" -- and was seriously affected by her embarrassment on the show.

On Paula Goodspeed's page, which hasn't been updated since April 2007, Goodspeed posted a picture of Paula Abdul licking her lips with a caption that reads, "My secret crush, shhhhh."

Goodspeed also blogged about her "American Idol" rejection, saying how hard it was to deal with the "awful things" being said about her, "just because I made the mistake of trying out for a singing competition before I was ~even~ ready vocally, emotionally and physically."

Update, WED 9 AM: The woman found dead in front of Paula Abdul's house Tuesday night was a featured contestant on "American Idol".

We've learned the identity of the dead woman, Paula Goodspeed, who appeared on Season 5 in 2006. During her audition she said she's an artist and the first pic she ever drew was of Paula Abdul.

"Idol" produced a 3 minute and 40 second featurette on Goodspeed and her passion for Paula. She did not make the cut, after Ryan Seacrest proclaimed, "And the love affair is over".

Previously: A body was found in a car a few houses down from Paula Abdul's home, and there are reports the victim was a "big fan" of the "Idol" judge.

The body was discovered last night in a car. Cops tell us it may have been a drug overdose/suicide.

Here's what's strange. LAPD got a call from the Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. last night, saying a female body may be in a car on the street in question. It's unclear how Ventura County deputies knew a body inside a car was miles away from its jurisdiction.

An LAPD spokesperson said the parents of the victim believe their daughter was a "big fan" of Paula's. Whether this has anything to do with the victim's death is unclear, but it seems more than a coincidence her body was found just yards from Paula's home.

There's no evidence of foul play. The victim has not yet been ID'd. We're told Paula was not home and possibly shooting for "American Idol".