Natural Gas FAQ's

Why are natural gas prices rising?  Is this only occurring in certain areas, or nationwide?

The price of natural gas is increasing throughout the United States. Like other commodities, such as wheat and orange juice, natural gas prices rise and fall as supply and demand change.  Supplies of natural gas are tight temporarily, which has led to higher prices.

Is the natural gas price increase temporary, or permanent?

Natural gas producers have boosted their exploration and production activities, so it is anticipated that natural gas prices will moderate when fresh supplies come into the market.  Typically, this could take six, 12 or 18 months.  It's possible that natural gas customers will pay more until the end of next winter (2000-2001).

Weather is another important factor in determining how much a customer pays each month for natural gas service.  When the weather is cold, residential customers use more natural gas to keep their homes warm ö so their gas bills are higher; no matter how much each unit of natural gas costs.

Is there a shortage of natural gas?

No! Although supplies of natural gas are tight temporarily, the United States has abundant supplies of natural gas, thanks to a large and diverse resource base.  In fact, almost all of the natural gas used in our country comes from the United States and Canada.  This is a sharp contrast to heating oil and other petroleum products, more than half of which must be imported to the U.S. from foreign countries.

Is gas dangerous?

Gas is no more dangerous than any other source of energy.

I am building a new home and I would like to install a gas grill and a pool heater.  When should I have the gas lines installed?

From an expense side, it would be best to have these lines installed while the house is still under construction.  One irrigation and landscaping are installed the cost of this work will increase.

How do I get service on one of my gas appliances?

FPUC has a service department that offers appliance repair.  Customers will be charged for any services rendered.  Call your local FPUC office and we can generally perform service within one or two business days.  Emergency service is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Will I still have service in the event of a power outage?

If you heat your water with gas, the water heater would still function because a gas water heater does not require an electrical connection.  You would still be able to use the top burners of your gas range or your cook-top.  However, if your cooking appliance has electronic ignition, these burners would have to be lit with a match or a candle lighter.  You would still be able to use your gas grill.  It would be unusual to have gas disconnected during a storm or a hurricane.  Gas grills should never be used inside the home.