Trench Rescue in South Palm Beach

SOUTH PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - We're on top of developing news Tuesday morning out of South Palm Beach.  Fire Rescue Crews spent more than two and a half hours trying to save a worker overnight.  This all happened just before 12:30 this morning at the 35 hundred block of South Ocean Boulevard in south Palm beach.

Fire Rescue tells us a man was working on a west Palm Beach water main.  When the trench that the crew dug collapsed trapping him. They say a power box near the trench actually shored it up keeping it from collapsing further and burying the man.

Crews say they had a tough time saving the man because his foot actually got lodged underneath the water pipe.  And that wasn't the only problem. "We had a problem with rising water I think associated with the tides in the ocean in addition to the ground water. In addition to being trapped we had a water rising issue, so we were having to de-water the hole constantly.  We also had the potential for a collapse on the rescuers as well which created a shoring concern that we were able to handle."

Once crews got the worker out, an ambulance took him to the hospital with minor injuries.  He should be okay.