Gorenberg, Bochicchio Cases: No Forensic Connection

By Kara Kostanich email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - A shocking discovery in the Boca Town Center Mall murders. A year later, there's new evidence, and what police have discovered changes everything!

Randi Gorenberg, Nancy Bochicchio, and her daughter: All murdered, all seen leaving the mall.

Nearly a year later, police have uncovered new evidence about the killer or should we say killers.

It has been nearly a year since Nancy Bochicchio and her daughter, Joey, were found brutally murdered in the parking lot of the Boca Town Center Mall.

On Thursday, Boca police released new information about where they stand in this case. They have just learned that investigators have no forensic evidence linking the Bochicchio case to the murder of Randi Gorenberg who was also last seen alive at the mall.

However, police say, they do have forensic evidence that connects the murders of Nancy and Joey Bochicchio to the August 7 abduction of a mother and her child at the Boca Town Center Mall. Those victims survived the attack.

Nancy Bochicchio's sister and brother-in-law told members of the media Thursday they want to keep this case in the forefront of peoples mind. They say the holidays, as you can image, is a very difficult time.

Police are not revealing what this evidence is. But, they say, they have it. Boca police tell us they have followed up on 89 percent on the 1,600 leads on the Bochicchio case. Police say they have evidence that will identify the killer, they just don't know who that person is.

If you have any information regarding these cases, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.