Cover-up? Tri-Rail, Amtrak nearly hit

By Lindsay Cohen email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - New information about a so called cover-up on local tracks. Testimony from a near-collision between two trains in West Palm Beach shows how the situation may have been hidden.

The close encounter happened in October, and new Wednesday morning, we hear testimony from the people accused in this case.

There are 23 pages of transcripts of the interviews authorities did with some of the train officials. After that near-collision of two trains on the tracks in West Palm Beach at the peak of rush hour back in October.

You may remember this incredible surveillance video showing the two trains coming within feet of each other earlier this year.

It was a southbound Amtrak train and a northbound Tri-Rail train. The video shows the Amtrak train missing a stop signal and overshooting its mark - stopping dead in front of the Tri-Rail train - on the same track.

There were hundreds of people on board between the two trains. Our sister station in Miami now reports it appears there was a cover up by those involved.

That Amtrak engineer from that day is admitting to authorities he went as far as keeping his crew members in the dark about what happened.

Authorities interviewed the Tri-Rail conductor, Patty Beal. She describes the near-collision: "I ran. I told everybody in my vicinity, I said, 'Run'. I ran up the stairs. I was talking - anybody and everybody.

A passenger described, "Not only did I not have time to run, I didn't have any place to run."

That passenger brought the incident to authorities. They now say, if that woman had never stepped forward, the incident may have never gone public.

She is a commuter, by the way, who rides the train every day from her home in Port St. Lucie to her job in Ft. Lauderdale.

Meantime, all the train personnel on both the Tri Rail and Amtrak trains have been relieved of their duties.

At least until the federal investigation wraps up. That's also according to our sister station in Miami Wednesday morning.