The WPB Grinch: Tragedy hits family again

By John Bachman email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Tragedy hits a local family twice in one week. First, two children watch as their mother is murdered by their father. Now, thieves steal everything including their Christmas tree and all their presents.

Family members say, they think, the thieves knew about the murder that happened this week, and took advantage of the fact that no one would be home.

"The Christmas tree was there, right in front of where the bicycles is," said Bridget Dwarka, Laronda's cousin.

For the second time, this week, sheriff's office investigators are back at apartment #3 in a back building at the Haverhill Gardens Community.

"Our family is like torn apart, you know. We are going through, so much. And, then, to walk in here, and all their things are gone."

It was just Monday when deputies showed up to find 21-year-old Laronda Becker dead from a gunshot wound. Her boyfriend, Reginald Johnson, is charged with her death.

Even though, he also shot himself, he's expected to live.

The couples 2-year and 3-year-old kids were in the house during the tragedy. But things have gotten even worse for the family.

Bridget came to collect what was left of the families belongings. "There's no Christmas tree; there's no gifts; there's nothing. They stole all the kids gifts. I don't understand who would do that."

Burglars left a lone Christmas ornament. Deputies left a finger print dusting kit. The television stolen. The stereo gone. The computer taken. "They don't have a photo album. They have their pictures stored on that computer."

They even took the coffee table. And again, if you can believe it, the families Christmas tree and all the gifts are gone, too. "We can replace all this other stuff, the TV - all that. But, you know, what hurts the most is those gifts that they were going to get from their mother for the last time. That's what hurts the most."

We checked with the sheriff's office about burglary calls here in the neighborhood. It doesn't look like there has been any in the last two years.

Again, the family told us, they think that they were targeted because of the killing that happened here two nights ago.

An account has been set up for the family at Bank of America. You can go to any Bank of America Branch to contribute to the Laronda Becker Family Fund.