School's Out -- Forever

By Lindsay Cohen email Riviera Beach, FL (WFLX) - Today is the last day of classes before winter break for many students.  But one group in our area will have no school to go back to in January.

That means no jobs for all teachers either.  A local school is shutting down in connection with the Madoff money scandal.

Fox 29's Lindsay Cohen live from RJ Hendley in Riviera Beach.  We understand there are two parts to the school's closing.  First and foremost, the fallout from an international financial scandal.  The second, low enrollment.

On that first note.  School officials here at RJ Hendley Christian community school say they rely on donations to keep the non-profit afloat.  They also say that one of their biggest donors lost incredible amounts of money because of investment manager Bernie Madoff and his suspected multibillion-dollar international fraud scandal.

But school officials say low enrollment isn't helping things.  The end result?  The school was forced to close down this week.  Today is the final day.  We've got maybe two weeks to find a replacement.  They cater to special needs kids.

The situation has left dozens of teachers and staff without jobs.  And parents scrambling to find a place to send their kids to school less than a week before Christmas.  They'll now have at least a couple of weeks before public schools start back up again, if they choose that as an alternative.