Get ready to try on a pair of video glasses

AP -- Its an optical way to mix fantasy and reality.
Just think of it, you could put on a pair of glasses and watch T-V or a D-V-D or whatever. Its the goal of a company called MicroOptical.
It has a product on the market now for industrial use that allows a worker to see a computer monitor in the glasses. The company is working on glasses that can be used at home.
MicroOptical C-E-O Mark Spitzer says he got the idea from watching an episode of the old TV show "Mission Impossible."
He says the glasses don't look that much different than an ordinary pair of glasses.
The price for the glasses is not cheap. The model for industrial use is 995 dollars. The glasses for entertainment purposes are NOT on the market yet, but Spitzer says they will probably sell for about 299 to 499 dollars.
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