Caylee 911 Calls Released

ORANGE COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Orange County Authorities released the first set of 911 calls made by a meter reader over the summer, well before the discovery of Caylee Anthony's remains.

Roy Kronk, the man who found her remains was reported as saying, "If you're heading back out towards the main road on the left hand side, in an area, I noticed something that looked white and there was, I don't know what it is. I'm not telling you its Caylee or anything of that nature, but."

He was very suspicious of the swampy area not far from the Anthony home months before the official discovery was made.

Kronk first called 911 about something in the area in August.

Deputies went to the scene, but didn't find anything. The next day, Kronk called again to describe the area stating, "There's a fallen tree that someone had tried to cut on it at one point, but there was a white board hanging across the tree and there was something round and white underneath of it."

On the third day Kronk called again and waited for deputies to arrive.

Together, they didn't find anything.

Caylee wasn't found until December 11, 2008, when a final call was made to 911 by Kronk's boss after he discovered a skull.

Caylee's mother Casey is charged in her murder.

There will be a funeral for Caylee in the coming days. A date and time wont be set until a second autopsy is completed.