WWII Fighter Plane Raising Money, Awareness

By Lindsay Cohen email

LANTANA, FL (WFLX) -- Mark Noah's time machine comes with a propeller. And a mission.

"You're connecting a living part of America and a part of America's WWII history," said Noah. "It is a remarkable experience."

For Noah, giving that experience to the public is invaluable, but part of what he does in his spare time.

Noah flies his vintage airplane -- a restored T-6 Texan -- across the country, as part of a non-profit organization he founded called History Flight. He offers rides to the public in his airplane. The money the group raises goes towards helping locate some 78,000 servicemen still listed as missing in action during WWII.

"It's kind of like time travel, really," said Noah, "because you're able to interact with the families of the people who are still missing."

"And they're still looking for them today."

Noah's group raised enough money for several trips to the Tarawa Atoll in the Pacific in 2008. There, using ground-based radar, researchers were able to locate 139 graves of men who died in the war.

Noah's quest to locate the remains of other missing men continues this weekend, as his group takes flight in Lantana. Rides begin at 15 minutes, and can be customized the rider's request.

"It's really a fantastic experience," Noah said.

If you go: History Flight: Saturday / Sunday 9 am - 5 pm

Where: Lantana Airport, 2633 Lantana Road, Lantana

Schedule: Appointments are best, scheduling a 15 to 60-minute flight in a restored T-6 Texan aircraft. Rides start at $245, and can be tailored to what individual asks for.

For more information on History Flight: www.historyflight.com