Fourth Idol judge makes debut Tuesday

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX NEWS) - The journey will begin Tuesday night for one lucky person who will become the next American Idol.

American Idol contestants will be facing 30 percent more criticism this year as music industry pro Kara Dioguardi pulls up a judge's chair.

"Every city, I felt like I was getting my groove even more, so I was like, Wait we're done?' I was just getting settled, so I was disappointed, and I started to really get used to the process of judging kids on camera."

But it's not just the singers Kara has to worry about. "Probably Simon would get annoyed with me when I would try to speak over him because I was trying to find my rhythm, and I wasn't quite sure. and I talk a lot, and he gave me a little jab here and there."

The best thing about the new job is reuniting with her ex-roommate Paula Abdul. "Paula invited me to stay with her in California, and the intention was to write, and we did. and one song went on to be one of my first big international hits called Spinning Around' for Kylie Minouge."

And that's just the start of her a-list resume. "I worked with artists like Celine Dion, Marc Anthony, Hilary Duff, Aguilara, Britney, Santana and went from one to the other co-writing and producing. I've worked with a lot of the Idols from Kelly Clarkson to David Archuletta, so I've had a really great time in this industry being a writer, a publisher, and also an A & R exec at Warner."

That kind of street credit goes a long way with these Idol hopefuls. "Everyone seems to think she's going to be the tough one; she's going to be like the Simon in a dress for that matter, so we'll see," said an Idol hopeful.

American Idol returns Tuesday night on Fox 29.