Damon Weaver suits up for the Inaugural Ball

By Alex Zequeira email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

(WFLX) - If you're hoping to meet, maybe even interview the president, you have to look the part. Fifth grader Damon Weaver is just days away from going to Washington for the inauguration.

And the pint-sized reporter definitely looks the part. Damon is ready for next week's inauguration. On Wednesday he tried on his tuxedo, and spoke to us about how he hopes it will bring him fame and fortune.

Every reporter battling for the big story at the Inaugural Ball. "If I can maneuver my way to the middle, I can get up there for him to see me. And maybe if he can see me and how loud I am, maybe I can ask him for an interview, and I think I'll get that interview."

We've hear the same old song and dance of wanting to interview the president-elect. But Damon's got another agenda on mind. "I want to impress the ladies, and some of them might really like me. I want to impress President-Elect Obama's daughter, too, but I think she's a little too tall for me."

So what does Damon's teacher have to say about his new goal. "He's 10 years old. He is going to be on this trip working for the students of KEC Canal Point Elementary to provide good reports for the kids at school. He is definitely going to be on the clock, and I'll make sure he sticks to it."

So, it's back to work. But even if he doesn't get the big interview, little Damon is still thinking BIG. "Liz, Curt, Suzanne and Eric. You better watch out, because I might be taking one of your jobs!" And with that said, "I'm Damon Weaver for FOX 29. Back to you."