Deadly warning: Keep your pets out of the cold

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - This cold weather providing, dangerous and, at times, deadly results for your outdoor pets - especially, if they're already sick.

At Pet PB, an animal emergency center in Boynton Beach, a 7-year-old shephard mix named Tramp came in extremely sick.

Veterinarian Michael Hill and his staff raced to stabilize Tramp. His blood pressure almost non existant, his body temperature 10 degrees below what it should have been.

Tramp spent an entire day outside. His owner not knowing how sick he was until she got home from work.

We are sad to report, despite the best efforts from vets, Tramp died from his illness. That's all the more reason, even if your pet is healthy, to make sure to bring them inside if you can, or, at the very least, provide blankets or a warm shelter for your pet outside.