Cold pizza contest spans from Vero to Ft. Lauderdale

Four-month-old Wizard
Four-month-old Wizard
Wizard's not interested in stationary food.
Wizard's not interested in stationary food.

By Rachel Leigh email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Pizzerias brag about their piping hot, fresh out of the oven pizzas. But what about cold pizza fresh out of the fridge?

Jeremy Lopper, Morning Buzz 103, announced, "It's the 2009 Morning Buzz Cold Pizza Contest. Let's introduced are panel of celebrity guest judges."

Rachel Leigh, Johnny Sports Guy, David Hitzig and Wizard, a 4-month-old panther from the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.

Right now, Wizard is all play as he's just a little tike. "He's going to get to be between 120, 130 pounds when he becomes full grown, so must certainly he's not going to be as playful as he gets older," said David, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.

But this play right now is going to become very important once he reaches adulthood. "As a baby, he thinks most certainly, everything is lots of fun, and he likes to play. A lot of the play that they do is part of the behavior they do to learn to actually capture and kill food."

Twenty pizzerias, stretching from Vero to Ft. Lauderdale, were entered in the contest by Buzz 103 listeners.

In a blind test, the judges agreed thickness and sauce make all the difference. Thin crust pizza is not so great the morning after, and a lot of sauce keeps the pizza moist.

With all 20 sampled, the tallying begins. As we wait for the final results, we set out all the pizzas on the floor and let Wizard out of his cage. But, to everyone's surprise, he was uninterested in food that didn't move; instead, he went after the very active Buzz personality Bat Nails.

With no help from our carnivore friend, the decision lay solely on David, Johnny and Rachel. It was Vinny's Pizza in Jupiter who took home first place.

So remember if you're heading home from a night out and want pizza before and after bed, go for thick crust, extra sauce!