Sharks invest waters off Singer Island

By Emily Pantelides email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

SINGER ISLAND, FL (WFLX) - Hundreds upon hundreds of sharks infest the waters off our beaches. This is the time they normally migrate, but what's unusual is why so many are staying so close to shore.

It was a beautiful day at the beach Wednesday - warm sun, just a bit of surf - but lurking right under the surface of this beautiful day - a spolier.

"Sure enough there was hundreds of them."

And there were! What looked like black spots from Sky 12 is not seaweed. Those are the sharks.

Mic Flannery says he came a little too close to Tuesday. "Hundreds and hundreds of them."

And Mic isn't the only vacationer upset that he can't get in the water. Nicolas and his wife decided, even though, the flag is up, the warnings are up, they are still is going down into these shark infested waters. "If i want to go in, I'm not afraid to go in. I'm always looking at the water not going too far in."

The reason, lifeguards are saying, getting in the water is such a risk is because these sharks are staying closer to shore because there's warmer water there.

We checked, and the water in the West Palm area is cooler than normal along with waters along the Treasure Coast that are in the 60 degree range.

The lifeguard at the beach on Singer Island said the sharks are black tip sharks and spinner sharks. They are not huge, he said, and probably won't kill you, but a bite can hurt a lot.

As of last check no beaches are closed.