A 'World of Dance' comes to the Fair

By Rachel Leigh email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Where can you experience the high energy cancan, the steamy tango and the vigorous flamenco?

The South Florida Fair!

Laura Palacisos, World of Dance, described, "The World of Dance is a copulation of dances from Morocco, from Spain, the United States, to Irish. We have a mixture of all sorts of dances from all over the world."

They've also performed all over the world: France, Italy even Israel. Their latest stop brings them to the fairgrounds in West Palm Beach for the annual South Florida Fair.

The dancers in World of Dance are trained in the more common dance forms of ballet, jazz and modern; however, that's far from where their disciplines end.

"We have a very wide ethnic background in our company, so there's a lot influences from different parts of the world, so we specialize in different dances of the world," said dancer Alexandra Silva.

And changing from a frilly cancan dress to a saucy tango one takes a lot of practice and hours of sacrifice. "We study the dances. We make sure we're true to the dance, the folklore, the purity of the dance, and just a lot of hours of rehearsal," Laura said.

Alexandra added, "Basically, our lives are very dedicated to just dance. Dance 24/7, not just the fact that we're dancing, but dance is always on your mind."

Alexandra says she does it to bring joy to the world no matter the culture. "We underestimate the power of art usually, and it's important to society and the culture of people. And dance, especially, has been around since the Stone Age. People use dance to express themselves to worship, to celebrate, to morn. So, I think, dance has been with man from the beginning of time."

World of Dance is at the South Florida Fair through Sunday. Learn more by going to southfloridafiar.com.